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BrightLoop Converters Railway Service

We support you in your projects

With extensive industrial experience, the BrightLoop Converters team supports you in your qualification projects.

We deliver high-performance prototypes and carry out classic automotive qualifications for your series projects. In particular, we have experience with the ECE R 10, ECE R 100 and LV 124 standards.

Having worked on military qualifications, we also master the related standards such as DO160, DO178 and DO254.

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BrightLoop Converters qualification

Internal qualification

We carry out part of the qualification in-house, in particular the aggravated HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) tests. The latter detect the weaknesses of a product by applying the combined stresses of thermal and mechanical shocks.

We also have on our premises a complete EMC laboratory as well as an anechoic Faraday cage.

Technological follow-up

The BrightLoop Converters teams monitor obsolescence and anticipate technological developments.

Any product modification is qualified, documented, traced and submitted for validation by the customer. The repair of the products is ensured and validated on the series test benches with the original components for better validation of the products in after-sales service.

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