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Heavy duty vehicles manufacturers including mining vehicles, trucks, buses and smaller commercial vehicles manufacturers are turning to a more ecological approach of the industry. The retrofitting of thermic vehicles and development of fully electric or hybrid platforms is now a reality also for these markets.

As the result of many years of experience in defense, aeronautics and motorsports, the design of BrightLoop’s converters is optimized to last and withstand the harsh environmental conditions of such applications.



Industrialized DC DC converters for heavy duty vehicles

BrightLoop Converters developped a range of DC DC converters ready to address such vehicles.

The Optimum product line is compliant with ECE R 10, ECE R 100 and LV 124 and was specifically developed for applications in commercial and off-highway vehicles in order to provide an easy integration.

The product line includes mature products, available off-the-shelf for a direct integration into your system –avoiding additional engineering cost.

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