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The marine sector, like other mobility sectors, is evolving. The need for power conversion is growing to ensure the electrification and hybridization of maritime architectures.

BrightLoop Converters offers its expertise in power conversion for stationary and onboard marine applications.

Our converters are designed to address various architectures, whether electric or hybrid (including hydrogen hybrid).

BrightLoop_Converters_DCHV MP_DCDC_converter

Optimized off-the-shelf DC DC converters

Suitable for onboard and outboard use, our converters are developed for demanding environmental conditions.

Our converters offer you :

  • Input and output voltage from 0 to 2kV
  • Output power up to 400kW per module
  • Parallelization possible for more power up to several megawatts
  • Reversible current operation possible
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Buck-boost option available
  • Communication and remote monitoring via CAN
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