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A catalog of products dedicated to the railway industry

BrightLoop Converters is a recognized partner in the railway industry as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many customers.

We also support our customers in the design and manufacture of converters according to their specific needs. Our products meet the severe constraints of the railway field, in particular through the EN50155, the STM-E 001, or the IEC60068, IEC61373, EN50124.

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Controlled production and a dedicated maintenance service for the railway industry

Our product catalog includes many references, developed in-house or from the Alcatel Converters / Harmer & Simmons / Saft / AEG Power Solutions catalog whose assets were acquired by BrightLoop Converters in 2014.

In production, the converters are manufactured by our industrial partners who have undergone rigorous audits. In order to guarantee the best quality, the final controls are performed at our site in Lannion (22).

Reliability and life span of the equipment is an essential point in the railway field. We are committed to ensuring the maintenance of your products throughout their life cycle.

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