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Products specially designed for the rail industry

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many customers, BrightLoop Converters is a long-established and recognised partner in the rail industry. Our products meet the severe constraints encountered in this environment.

We offer 2 product lines:

  • The “Legacy” products from the Alcatel Converters / Harmer & Simmons / Saft / AEG Power Solutions catalogue, which are intended for spare parts.
  • And the products in our new range, at the cutting edge of technology, which offer a real technological breakthrough with their high modularity, compactness and robustness.
BrightLoop Converters ferroviaire 2

A dedicated service for the rail industry

Converters are 100% manufactured, repaired and tested at our site in Lannion (22). Production and repairs are carried out during the different phases of a product’s life: launch, growth, maturity and decline.

The reliability and lifespan of equipment are essential in the rail industry. We are committed to ensuring the maintenance of railway products, with spare parts available throughout their lifetime.

Our products in this market