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Our DC DC converters for fuel cell and heavy duty vehicles
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Our DC DC HV-HV converters

BrightLoop Converters offers a family of standard DC DC HV-HV converters ranging from 1kW to +400kW. Designed to adapt to all types of fuel cells, these converters address all types of markets by offering the best performance on the market in terms of efficiency and compactness, with a power density of 20kW/kg.

BrightLoop Converters Optimum DCDC

DC DC converters for fuel cell and heavy duty

These new converters target fuel cell and heavy duty applications, as well as the adaptation of HV networks:

  • Non-isolated topology, very high efficiency, >98%.
  • Reversible capability with Buck, Boost and Buck-boost options available
  • Wide range of input and output voltages, 0-950 VDC, software selectable
  • Remote control and monitoring via CAN
  • Output current up to 320A, power up to 200kW
  • Parallelizable for increased power up to +1MW
  • Single or multiple output options
  • Extreme power density (>20kW/kg)

Our products in this category

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