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Our DC DC LV-LV converters

BrightLoop Converters stands out by offering products adapted to the constraints of our customers offering the best compromises on the market in efficiency and compactness for harsh environments, with a power density of 3kW/kg in IP67 packaging.

Derived from our range of isolated DC DC HV-LV converters, they are ideal for 48V ↔ 48V power bank, H2 fuel cell applications or for low-voltage network adaptation:

  • Non-isolated topology, negative ground connection
  • Fully reversible topology
  • Software selectable output voltage
  • CAN remote control and monitoring
  • Input and output voltage range of 10-52V
  • Seamless transition between buck and boost modes
  • Parallelizable for increased power
  • Single or dual output options

Our products in this category

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