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Our range of robust and compact DC DC converters for large series
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A robust and durable design

The result of many years of experience in the fields of defence, aeronautics and motorsport, the design of BrightLoop converters is optimized to last and withstand the severe environmental conditions of commercial and mining or construction vehicles (vibrations, shocks , extreme temperatures, etc.).

BrightLoop Converters Optimum DCDC

DC DC converters optimized for heavy duty vehicles

Some characteristics of the Optimum converters:

Wide HV range: 250 to 950VDC
Wide LV range: 10 to 80VDC
Single or double BT connections
CAN Bootloader and remote communication
Possibility of HT to LT for the precharging of the HT bus
Extreme power density
Weight :< 6kg

Qualified DC DC converters

Optimum DC DC converters have a significantly smaller footprint and weight than equivalent converters currently available on the market. The Optimum range is also characterized by a robust and durable design , in line with the expectations of the commercial and off-road markets, and by complying with market standards such as ECE R 10, ECE R 100 and LV 124.

BrightLoop Converters Optimum DCDC 1

Versatile DC DC converters

Optimum DC DC converters can be used in 12V, 24V, 48V architectures and with 400V, 800V or more exotic battery ranges: the same platform meets all needs . This range is built on rock-solid versatility and is available in single or dual output versions (more optional) with the ability to adjust the output voltage via CAN between 10V and 80V.

Our products in this range

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