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A renowned partner in aero defense

BrightLoop Converters designs, develops and manufactures converters in series for the major aerospace and defense system manufacturers.

We design and manufacture our converters in France, relying on a panel of subcontractors and suppliers known and validated in the aerospace and defense markets.


Innovative solutions for maximum reliability

BrightLoop Converters know-how allows us to develop converters that meet the specific requirements of our customers, in particular

  • DO160, DO178 and DO254 compliance;
  • High efficiency levels combined with high power density;
  • A high level of reliability or availability, through the use of adapted architectures.
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Optimized converters for aero defense

BrightLoop Converters pushes the limits of power density, efficiency and robustness, and thus contributes to the evolution of technologies in the defense field.

Its capacity for innovation, recognized and supported by the DGA, is based on continuous investment in R&D.

Our converters are available as standard or custom-made according to your projects.

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