Unparalleled Power Density and Efficiency

Stemming from a line of groundbreaking innovations tailored to the rigorous demands of motorsports, our power conversion systems have been rapidly and widely adopted by leading aerospace and defense system manufacturers. Our cutting-edge modular converters are engineered with our exclusive nested architecture, delivering unparalleled power density and efficiency.

Backed by the support and recognition of the DGA (French Directorate General of Armaments), our commitment to innovation is unwavering, fueled by continuous investment in research and development. Thus, we constantly raise the bar in power density, efficiency, and robustness, driving forward the evolution of defense technologies.

Our operations are based in France, where we meticulously craft our converters to perfection, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance. We collaborate with a trusted network of subcontractors and suppliers who are recognized and approved within the aerospace and defense industries.

We provide functional-safety compliant converters that meet the highest Design Assurance Level and are fully qualified with regard to the most stringent aerospace standards. We are among the few in the industry offering mature, readily available and field-proven solutions to address the upcoming challenges of the aerospace energy transition.

Paving the Way to a New Era of Air Transportation

Air travel, the second-largest contributor to CO2 emissions in transportation, needs transformation. Our cutting-edge universal power conversion platform is paving the way for a sustainable future, unlocking new opportunities in emerging markets like eVTOL and next-gen aircraft. We are involved in the most ambitious and inspiring projects to make aviation sustainable. Just to name a few:

• Empowering AeroDelft: We are proud supporters of AeroDelft, a group of innovative students at the University of Delft in the Netherlands on a mission to launch a hydrogen fuel cell-powered aircraft by 2026. Our high-performance HV-HV and HV-LV units enable significant gains in take-off weight, and integrate seamlessly within the aircraft's electrical architecture.

• Partnering with Flying Whales: French startup Flying Whales is pioneering commercial air cargo with a vision for efficiency and sustainability. We have lent our expertise and state-of-the-art DC-AC inverter technology to their inaugural project, reducing onboard weight and maximizing efficiency.

Our product lines comply with the highest aviation standards, including DO160, DO178, and DO254, ensuring robust environmental testing of both hardware and software.

They are available off-the-shelf, ensuring a timely and cost-effective approach for our clients' projects.

Available Converters and Inverters

Our product line for this market segment includes: