Excellence in power electronics

Pioneering cellular power conversion platforms

Looking for top-notch converter technology? BrightLoop is your partner! Since 2010, we have been developing and manufacturing high performance converters and inverters tailored to the most demanding electrification applications.

Leveraging a strong heritage in designing and manufacturing custom DC/DC converters for complex motorsports and defense projects, we have evolved to pioneer a versatile, modular power conversion platform. This platform adapts to a wide range of electrification requirements, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional performance.

Our off-the-shelf product range includes four lines of powerful, ready-to-use devices:

BrightLoop’s nested topology

All our converters are based on BrightLoop’s proprietary nested topology. This allows us to design and manufacture custom solutions with reduced time-to-market and engineering costs.

There are no limits to our creativity, enthusiasm and ambition. We offer market-leading power densities of up to 60 kW per liter - 35 kW per Kg - with outstanding energy conversion efficiencies of 99 %. What’s more, our 300 kHz high frequency transformer breaks new ground for applications requiring galvanic isolation. We partner with semiconductor industry leaders to ensure our systems evolve in tandem with state-of-the-art power electronics, including the latest SiC and GaN technologies.

Our power conversion solutions target international OEMs across transportation, off-highway, motorsports, aerospace, maritime, and infrastructure sectors. Additionally, as part of our commitment to accelerate mobility and industrial decarbonization, we actively support the hydrogen economy by providing dedicated HV-HV converters for fuel cells.

From Paris to Lannion

BrightLoop operates from two sites in France: our R&D center located in Paris and our industrial facility in Lannion. Our expertise covers power electronics, mechatronics and software control. United by a shared passion for excellence and innovation, our team of engineers, technicians, and support staff continually pushes the boundaries of power conversion for both stationary and onboard applications. From ideation to final equipment industrialization, we are with our clients every step of the way, providing unwavering support and expertise.

Our values

At BrightLoop, we don't believe in blindly following any one set of values. We believe that economic, environmental, and technological realities are balances that must be managed and adjusted. No weight without counterweights, no value without countervalue. Our working culture is therefore based on a series of dichotomies that are as enriching as they are challenging.

  • Humble audacity: Ambitious, we face the technical challenges with humility and determination.
  • Creative constraint: Our imagination is measured by our ability to overcome obstacles and move forward.
  • Patient curiosity: We keep inventing by persistently seeking new ideas
  • Committed freedom: Each of us can help make the world a better place.
  • Tense harmony: Excellence is based on the right balance of resources. Isn’t that a truly ecological principle?

We're all about finding that one uncompromising, ultimate, and unseen solution. The one that makes a difference. The one that moves the world.