Innovation, Efficiency, and Reliability in Power Conversion

We design our product not as a single entity, but as an integral and valuable element of our client’s system and targeted application. We create complex high-performing solutions in the simplest way possible, guided by a philosophy based on a design-for-manufacturing approach. We are continuously innovating to support the trends toward products with reduced size, higher power and maximal reliability.

Our R&D center located in Paris is comprised of experts in power electronics who consider all mechanical and thermal factors and develop fine-grained, real-time, embedded software to deliver the best performing power converters.

Given the importance of time to market and development cost, we have streamlined the client’s prototype validation process by providing a custom Simulink testing platform for all our converters, built on digital twin technology. These model-based testing assets are used in the development of our clients’ systems, enabling engineers to refine their designs with utmost certainty.

Sustainable, Certified and Safe Power Converters

In light of our extensive product delivery to various demanding market segments, we strive to adhere to strict international automotive and aeronautics standards. We constantly work to enhance quality to meet each client's unique requirements.

To achieve this, we have adopted a ‘worst case scenario’ product testing approach. Our power conversion systems undergo rigorous testing under the harshest conditions of the most demanding application sectors. We assess the robustness of our converters and inverters both electrically and environmentally. Our standard products are subjected to extended accelerated life tests, including high-temperature endurance runs, damp-heat continuous/cyclical runs, and temperature change/shock tests. Our product certifications comprise:

  • EMC tests in accordance with military standard MIL-STD-461G, achieving compliance with ECE R10 and ECE R100 automotive and marine standards
  • Environmental tests as per automotive LV123 and LV124 standards, as well as Lloyd’s Register marine rules
  • IP67 and IP6K9K ratings
  • EN62368-1 safety standard

These tests will allow us to achieve compliance with the stringent aeronautics standards of DO160, DO178, and DO254 within the next few years.

Prototyping and Serial Manufacturing of Converters and Inverters

BrightLoop designs power converters and inverters with a focus on industrial, economic, and reliability constraints, using design-for-manufacturing techniques. Prototypes are developed and tested at our Paris R&D center with industrialization in mind. Low- to mid-volume series, up to 5,000 converters annually, are managed at our Lannion facility, where we handle all product assembly and testing. Our flexible, modular manufacturing process supports global scalability, and facilitates partnerships with EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) providers for high-volume production. This strategy ensures we can efficiently meet growing global demand while maintaining high standards of quality and reliability.

Overseeing system design, assembly, and testing enables faster iterations, cost savings, and a more synchronized approach to innovation and production. This integrated concept allows us to control the entire process from conception to manufacturing, ensuring quality assurance and effective supply chain management.