Powering the Hydrogen Economy

Fuel cell-based power sources are at the forefront of the evolving energy landscape. While they pose challenges for matching voltage levels and managing energy flows, the solution lies in effective power conversion. That’s where BrightLoop comes in.

Our innovative power conversion platform, comprising individual converter cells organized in non-isolated and isolated topologies, is designed for fuel cell interfacing. Through our multi-input/multi-output module architecture, our converters can connect various energy sources, enhancing system efficacy while reducing complexity. By leveraging wide-bandgap technology alongside our proprietary cellular topology, our systems achieve unparalleled energy conversion efficiency of up to 99%.

Breakthrough in Galvanic Isolation

In order to avoid leakage current inherent to fuel cells, galvanic isolation is required. Galvanic isolation becomes even more crucial when multiple fuel cells are connected in parallel to boost power levels, reaching up to hundreds of kW.

To ensure reliability, safety and high-power efficiency, Brightloop has developed proprietary high-frequency, low-loss transformers. These transformers provide full galvanic isolation while delivering exceptional performance for both DC and AC applications. Operating at frequencies up to 300 kHz and boasting an impressive DC power density of 20 kW/kg, our transformers enable MW range DC converters to operate safely in scenarios where galvanic isolation is not an option.

Our product lines are compliant with ECE R 10, ECE R 100 and LV 124 standards. They are available off-the-shelf, ensuring a timely and cost-effective approach for our clients' projects.

Available Converters and Inverters

Our product line for this market segment includes: