Managing AC and DC Power for Seamless Grid Integration

In today's dynamic electrical infrastructure landscape, challenges abound, from the growing demand for higher power densities, to the need for increased efficiency and reliability. As demands for energy increase and space becomes a premium, traditional solutions often fall short.

BrightLoop’s converters are engineered with innovation in mind, offering industry-leading power densities without sacrificing performance or reliability.


Our cutting-edge converters feature a universal cellular topology, minimizing engineering development needs while maximizing adaptability to a wide array of requirements. Our versatile systems can easily manage both AC and DC currents across a broad power range, enabling grids to reach their full potential and ensuring seamless integration of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. Our systems can operate in various AC control modes, including grid forming, grid-tied, power factor correction (PFC), and active harmonic correction. They also support paralleling and load sharing in any of these modes.


Leveraging state-of-the-art semiconductor technologies, we reduce energy loss and optimize performance, ensuring every joule is totally utilized. Whether it's minimizing heat dissipation or enhancing power delivery, our converters excel in efficiency.

They play a pivotal role in enabling precision conversion for grid compatibility, facilitating efficient energy transfer and distribution in today's (smart) grid environments.


In critical systems, there is no time for downtime. That's why our converters boast robust design and undergo rigorous testing to guarantee long-term reliability. With an N+1 redundant architecture, our systems are resilient, reliable, and primed to support uninterrupted operations.

Available Converters and Inverters

Our product line for this market segment includes: