Motorsports: BrightLoop’s Genesis

BrightLoop has established and broadened its reputation as a cutting-edge DC-DC converter provider, drawing on its roots in motorsports. From the circuits of Formula 1 to the electrifying tracks of Formula E, ExtremE, LMDh, and the Hypercar industry, we have established ourselves as the go-to choice for powering championship vehicles.

In this fast-paced arena, every millisecond counts, and efficiency is paramount. That's why our converters are meticulously crafted to optimize energy transfer, ensuring peak efficiency even in harsh conditions. With a cellular power conversion topology designed to minimize weight and volume, we offer the best power density on the market.

Thanks to advanced control algorithms and robust construction, our DC-DC converters deliver the power and reliability needed to stay ahead of the competition. Whether it's powering electric motors in Formula E cars or delivering peak performance in LMDh prototypes, our products are built to excel in the most demanding conditions.

Driven by the demands of motorsports, we've forged a universal technological platform that overcome the core challenges of electrification.

Available Converters and Inverters

Our product line for this market segment includes: