Converters for Maritime and Shipping Applications

Driving the Maritime Power Transition

With the marine industry transitioning towards hybrid power solutions and electrification, the need for power converters is at an all-time high. These systems are essential to meet the flexibility and efficiency demands of shipboard and offshore platform electrical grids.

At BrightLoop, we are at the forefront of this transformation, introducing cutting-edge power converters that elevate maritime technology to new heights.

Our advanced DC/DC converters are tailored for the marine sector, offering unmatched performance and versatility. Designed to boost energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact, they feature a compact build and robust technology. Whether your vessel operates on electric, hybrid, or hydrogen hybrid systems, our converters are engineered to integrate seamlessly and optimize performance.

With a wide input voltage range and impressive power density, our converters are ideal for retrofitting existing ships with modern, eco-friendly technology. Plus, our High Voltage product line caters to multi-megawatt applications, thanks to an unlimited unit parallelization scheme.

High-Frequency Transformers for Galvanic Isolation

After extensive development effort, we have succeeded in transitioning high-frequency, powerful transformers from research to industry. Our groundbreaking DC-transformers operate at frequencies up to 300 kHz, delivering over 200 kW per module, setting new benchmarks for applications needing galvanic isolation. The potential for boundless, fully reliable and secure electrification architectures for onboard marine applications is now within reach.

BrightLoop's commitment to advancing power converter technology not only enhances efficiency and functionality but also fosters a more environmentally sustainable maritime sector.

Our converters are available off-the-shelf, ensuring a timely and cost-effective approach for our clients' projects.

Available Converters and Inverters

Our product line for this market segment includes: