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BrightLoop Converters H2 fuel cell

DC DC converters for fuel cell

In a hydrogen vehicle, the fuel cell produces electricity to power the high-voltage batteries needed to operate the electric motor. However, fuel cells do not provide a constant voltage: a DC DC converter is required to match the voltage.

BrightLoop Converters offers a standard range of DC DC converters for your fuel cell applications:

  • Output power from 1kW to +200kW
  • Input and output voltage from 0 to 900V
  • Reversible current operation possible
  • Buck-boost option available
  • Best power density on the market
  • Communication and remote monitoring via CAN
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Optimized off-the-shelf DC DC converters

Standard products, combining versatility, robustness and extreme power density. Our extensive technical expertise also allows us to offer customizations according to your needs. We provide a high level of service and support for implementation in your vehicle. Every application is important to us, from small to large series.

Our DC DC converters are suitable for all fuel cell architectures:

  • Wide range of input and output voltages
  • Exploit every corner of your system thanks to extreme compactness
  • Reduce energy losses with maximum conversion efficiency

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