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DCUHV ultra-high voltage DCDC converters

The tension is rising!

With the energy transition in full swing, more high-power applications shift to electric drives. But while the automotive sector has mainly switched from 400V to 800V already, dealing with power in the megawatt range requires even higher voltage levels. Rising the voltage thus enables catering to the extreme power demands in heavy-duty trucks, ships, aircrafts, motor sports etc. while keeping DC current at a reasonable level.

In this context, BrightLoop is proud to reveal its new line of DCUHV converters. Capable of handling a fiery 2.400 volts at 400 amps in either direction, the devices are anything but mundane! Weighting less than 35 kg, they offer disproportionate power density compared to the cabinet-size IGBT-based solutions available until now.

The DCUHV line of extreme DC converters features BrightLoop’s proprietary manifold topology already present in the DCHV converter range. Rather than a single converter, each device runs a complete array of programmable converter cells that can be addressed and configured individually according to application needs The design enables power flows to be split or redirected in a fraction of a millisecond. Moreover, multiple units can be parallelized to enhance capacity even further.

“With the DCUHV line, we provide unseen power density and flexibility for ultra-high voltage applications. This is a quantum leap in megawatt management, offering tremendous opportunities for engineers” says Florent Liffran, CEO of BrightLoop.

To learn more about the capabilities of BrightLoop DC converters, visit our product page or contact Hugues Largeron.

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