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Eco-innovation: BrightLoop to support CEA and the EECONE project!

Eco-innovation: brightloop supports the CEA and the EECONE project!


As a leading innovator in #powerelectronics, BrightLoop has been chosen to support the development of an #ecodesign tool for electronic systems. Spearheaded by the #CEA and backed up by #INP-Grenoble, #UGA (Université Grenoble-Alpes) and Vitesco, this project is part of the #EECONE (European ECOsystem for greeN Electronics) program dedicated to positioning Europe as a frontrunner in mitigating the environmental impact of electronics by significantly reducing e-waste.

The technical and pedagogical tool will help electronic stakeholders implementing an eco-design methodology, from the earliest stage of ideation, to minimize the e-waste and environmental impacts of the future system.

Following a thorough evaluation of our eco-design workflow and requirements, we are honored to contribute to this project up to the beta testing phase.

Since its inception, BrightLoop has adopted an eco-design approach by focusing on energy efficiency and performance. This helps to reduce the amount of materials needed for manufacturing our converters and minimizes energy losses, thanks to our expertise in integrating advanced #SiC MOSFET technology.
This initiative seamlessly aligns with our dedication to combining high performance with environmental stewardship, as well as our ongoing pursuit of finding keys for a sustainable design process. We would like to thank the CEA team for this opportunity to support such a crucial and ambitious project.

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