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Empowering a Greener Future: Power Converters Decarbonizing the Mining Sector

The hard-to-decarbonize mining sector faces today the twin challenge of lower emissions while ramping up production to meet demand. Accounting for approximately 4% to 7% of total global carbon emissions released in the atmosphere, the industry is compelled to explore alternatives that curtail its environmental impact without hindering operations. Ernst & Young’s latest report for the mining and metals sector underscores the significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, ranking them highest among business risks and opportunities in 2023, surpassing concerns like costs, productivity, labor, and capital. In response to this complex landscape, BrightLoop Converters has actively collaborated with the sector, leveraging our expertise in high-performance and efficiency in its extremely demanding applications.

Several technical solutions are being explored by the industry to reduce CO² emissions, involving high power / higher energy batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, or charging infrastructures. BrightLopp’s DCDC HV-LV/HV-HV power converters are key enablers to connect all these equipment efficiently, allowing multiple projects and favoring a fast adoption of these solutions.

Mining applications used to involve high power, in the multi-megawatt range. This is supported by voltage levels higher than the rest of the industry, up to 2.4kV of DC link, instead of the 900V max of the automotive-grade batteries. To address these constraints, BrightLoop Converters has developed the DCUHV converter. It features a unique multi-level topology, leading to a max working voltage of 2.4kV with an unprecedented power density. Applications have already been demonstrated in the field with 10 units of 400A each working in parallel, to provide several megawatts of power conversion. With its IP69 stand alone casing and a unit weight under 35kg, the DCUHV replaces cabinets of power converters, changing the game of their vehicle integration.

By offering high-performance and efficient solutions, BrightLoop Converters not only aligns with contemporary geopolitical demands but also presents a concrete path toward a greener future. It transcends technology, representing a transformative solution shaping the trajectory of future business generations.

To learn more about the capabilities of BrightLoop DC converters, visit our product page or contact us.

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