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BrightLoop Converters and EPC partnership


GaN-efficient with EPC

BrightLoop Converters has greatly reduced the size, cost and improved reliability of its latest DC DC BB SP buck converters thanks to Efficient Power Conversion Corporation’s (EPCEPC2029 enhancement-mode gallium nitride (eGaN®) FET transistors. This design change increased the power density of the solution by a factor of approximately two and this resulted in lower cost by enabling the implementation of a smaller enclosure.

A lighter DCDC converter

The BB SP is relevant in any dual voltage architecture (14V/48V or 14V/24V), or where a certain load is available only with a voltage that is different from the regular network, in which case the conversion can be done by the BB SP locally, just in front of the load. To make the use of the BB SP interesting, it needs to have negligible losses and weight compared with the rest of the system. This is possible thanks to EPC’s eGaN FETs.


Wolfram Krueger, EPC’s VP of Sales for EMEA stated, “This is a great example of where our eGaN FETs demonstrate real advantage over silicon FETs by delivering performance in a significantly smaller package and the extreme reliability that is needed in these ultra-fast supercars. We are delighted to be working with BrightLoop Converters and are looking forward to working together on future applications.”

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