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FLYING WHALES embarks BrightLoop DC-AC inverters

FLYING WHALES embarks BrightLoop DC-AC inverters

Power to the whales!

Whales are powerful, and FLYING WHALES are no exception to the rule. The cargo lifters built by the French start-up FLYING WHALES revolutionize air cargo transportation, providing a clean vehicle to reach even the most remote areas. The huge, rigid hull aircrafts are propelled by electric motors spread all over the envelope. With a combined power of 4 MW, they provide unmatched maneuverability and precise positioning with respect to the ground. The propulsion and cargo hoist motors in FLYING WHALES’ first commercial aircraft, the LCA60T, are driven by BrightLoops unique DC-AC inverter technology.

“Reducing weight wherever possible is our main challenge”, explains Benoit Beaubier, Program Director at FLYING WHALES. “Each kg saved on board increases the load lifting capacity by the same amount. In this regard, BrightLoop’s inverters offer unparalleled power density, efficiency and therefore, weight reduction!”

“BrightLoop stands for ultra-dense power electronics. Our specific topology enables packing more power into less volume and weight while offering flexible energy flow management” adds Florent Liffran, CEO of BrightLoop.

To learn more about the outstanding performances of BrightLoop converters and inverters, please visit our website or contact Hugues Largeron.

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