Empowering the Energy Transition

BrightLoop has its sights set on energy efficiency enhancement by providing industrial players with universal converters that manage all power flows, aiding their transition to sustainable energy. We transform, manage, tame, channel and convert electric power. We do it smartly and softly. No bulky material, no noise, less heat, less consumption, less space, less hardware. More intelligence, more innovation, more control, more software. The result is not a hardwired converter device, but a software-controlled power flow manager.

Within a framework of collaborative relationships with suppliers and academics, and a dynamic and transparent environment for employees, BrightLoop contributes to the all-electric transition and promotes ecological use of resources.

Fine-Grained Software Control for Massive Energy Flows

BrightLoop introduces a new paradigm in power converters, embracing a shift from bulky hardware to smart, distributed systems. Utilizing a nested topology of small, replicable converter cells, our technology achieves remarkable power density and efficiency. Our converters are modular, scalable, and capable of managing megawatt power.

This innovative topology incorporates advanced semiconductor technologies, including silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN), for high and low voltage systems respectively, enhancing performance and reducing size. BrightLoop’s cellular power conversion architecture is designed to support bidirectional power flows and N+1 redundancy for fault tolerance.

Our systems are finely controlled by advanced software and microcontrollers, ensuring optimal resource distribution. This approach marks a significant advancement in power conversion technology, driving the energy transition with compact, efficient solutions.

Converters and inverters for the most demanding markets

BrightLoop’s genesis was in motorsports and their extraordinary challenges. This gave us the opportunity to unleash our creativity, continuously pushing the limits of power and space constraints. With this expertise always at hand and in mind, we now deliver innovative power conversion solutions to OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers in their quest for the missing link for efficiently interconnecting energy sources. At BrightLoop, we strive to share our comprehensive understanding of sustainability and energy transition across a wide range of applications, including:

Expanding the Limits of Power Conversion

BrightLoop provides high performance converters and inverters tailored to the most demanding electrification applications. Through our initial custom design projects, we have become masters at dealing with the constraints of space, power, voltage, and energy efficiency. This expertise has led to the development of a universal power conversion platform. Our modular platform is the backbone of BrightLoop standard product lines, enabling clients to access cutting-edge power conversion technologies quickly and cost-effectively. Our products are scalable, versatile, and compact, meeting diverse performance requirements, comprising megawatt power ranges, low to very high voltage range, high power density, and energy efficiency. Our product lines include: