Your partner in power electronics


Specific design

BrightLoop Converters has expertise in power electronics, real-time embedded software, mechanical and thermal design, and prototype wiring. The company uses finite element thermal and magnetic simulation tools.

Industrialization and cost constraints are taken into account from the initialization of the designs.

Digital regulation

BrightLoop Converters takes advantage of the hybridization of power electronics and real-time programming to drive its converters. This makes it possible to adjust control strategies, increase efficiencies and achieve high power densities.


Design to produce

BrightLoop Converters has extensive experience in equipment qualification.
In addition to a HALT rack and Faraday cage, BrightLoop has an EMC lab, automatic qualification racks, and has UL certification experience on over 100 products.

Reference standards used in design: EN60950 & EN62368 , EN60601 (medical) DO160 (aeronautics) EN61010 (measuring devices) EN50155 (railway) MIL STD and AECTP (military)…

Industrialization and Design to Cost procedures are intertwined with development.

BrightLoop Converters designs power supplies taking into account industrial, economic and reliability constraints in a Design to Cost and Design for Manufacturing approach