Off-highway converters

Powering Progress: Advanced Converters for Off-Highway Vehicle Efficiency

Powering Progress: Advanced Converters for Off-Highway Vehicle Efficiency Productivity and energy transition are the driving forces of the off-high- way industry. Whether it is construction equipment, agricultural ma- chinery, or mining vehicles, these rugged machines demand power -and lots of it. With increasing pressure to reduce emissions and oper- ating costs, finding the balance between power and efficiency has nev- er been more crucial.

At BrightLoop, we supply compact HV-LV/HV-HV power converters, en- gineered to face the toughest demands of the off-highway market. All systems are built upon the same modular platform, capable of handling a maximum working voltage of 24 KV. Several units can be parallelized for applications requiring substantial power, up to the multi-megawatt range.

In addition, BrightLoop's DCAC inverter product line provides high volt- age, bidirectional on-board or stationary charging solutions, with power capacities ranging from 80 kW to several megawatts.

Collaborative Initiatives for a Sustainable Energy Integration

Our high-power converters serve as vital links in efficiently connecting various energy sources. With a resolute commitment to sustainability, our solutions help integrate higher energy batteries and hydrogen fuel cells into heavy-duty machinery, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering carbon footprints. Our flexible nested power conversion plat- form also ensures seamless integration into retrofit kits, designed with scalability in mind for OEMs.

BrightLoop is actively collaborating with the sector to accelerate the de- velopment of electrification, hydrogen fuel cells, and advanced hybrid systems, unlocking boundless opportunities for sustainable innovation in off-highway equipment.

By delivering reliable and precisely regulated power, our converters en- able off-highway equipment to operate at peak efficiency levels while consuming less energy.

Our product lines are compliant with ECE R 10, ECE R 100 and LV 124 standards. They are available off-the-shelf, ensuring a timely and cost-ef- fective approach for our clients' projects.

Available products

Our converter product line for this market segment includes:

  • DCDC converters
  • DCAC inverters
  • Motor drive inverters