LV-LV DC/DC converters

Compact Low-Voltage DC Converters

Our line of ultra-compact converters is ideal for power bank and fuel cell applications, as well as low-voltage network adaptation. Our versatile topology merges buck and boost converter elements, making it suit- able for scenarios with diverse input voltages or when both step-up and step-down conversions are needed.

With a clever integration of GaN (gallium nitride) FETs into our innova- tive cellular power conversion architecture, our LV-LV non-isolated con- verters feature compactness and efficiency, and a power density of 3 kW/Kg. Thanks to our expertise in ultra-high speed digital control, we use exclusively low capacitance capacitors, effectively reducing switch- ing losses and switch stresses, and significantly improving reliability.

Software controlled, compact and parallelizable

Our LV-LV converters feature:

  • From 2 to 10 kW+ power capacity / Parallelizable for increased power
  • Software adjustable input and output voltage range, from 0 to 80 VDC
  • Non-isolated topology
  • 97% power conversion efficiency
  • 3 kW/kg power density
  • Bidirectional power flows: buck, boost and buck-boost options available
  • Single or dual input-output configuration
  • CAN full remote control and monitoring
  • EN62368-1 safety compliance

BrightLoop offers multiple product lines catering to varying needs in Input and output voltage levels, efficiency, load regulation, and size lim- Itations. Check out our selection to discover the power conversion solu tion that best suits your requirements.

Available Converters

Our product line for this product segment includes:

  • BB SP Low Voltage converter
  • BB MP Low Voltage converter

Find the DCDC LV-LV perfect product

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